12th Annual July Summer/WInter Sale at Smashwords!

Smashwords is holding their 12th Annual Summer/Winter sale. It started on July 1, and will go on through July 31.

If you're interested in choosing one of my books, here's where you can find a listing of them, along with their sale prices:


And here: https://www.facebook.com/edelisi/ 

Or, go here to do a search for your favorite author, book, or genre:


With so many restrictions due to Covid 19, it's nice to have hundreds of entertainment choices!

Where's the Ark?

We've been in a drought for the past several months here in New Hampshire. That's an uncommon situation to be in, what with all the trees, lakes, and ponds here. We've been hoping for rain and wow, did we get some yesterday!

I was sitting on the couch, watching a movie and minding my own business, when suddenly the sky opened up and it began to pour. Not only was it coming down like nobody's business, as my grandmother would say; but also we have a metal roof so the sound was magnified many times louder than you can imagine.


Check it out!

And don't forget your earmuffs. :-D

Any Grownups Out There?

With the November election coming closer, political signs are appearing everywhere, like spongy mushrooms sprouting in the dark. Recently, while driving through a local neighborhood, I saw the following sign:

I have to say, I burst out in laughter when I saw it. But in some ways, it's a bit sad...because it's true. We need our next President to be an adult, a mature adult who knows what's best for our country and ourselves. Intelligent, diplomatic, selfless, learns from history.

So, are there any real adults out there? You'll have my vote!

Our New Reality

I have read science fiction books about pandemics.  I have pondered the possibilities of a man-made virus developed for use as a weapon. And I have imagined the effects this would have on our world. But despite being a writer, my imagination fell far short of the reality, now that it's here.

Many more people have already died, world-wide, from this Covid 19 than I imagined. I pictured the virus as being something like the yearly flu, that might make you sick, uncomfortably so, but most people would have the stamina to recover from it. It wouldn't require whole schools to close, those who might have the virus to be quarantined, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, businesses all are closed down. Life has radically changed.

But in addition to the evil things this virus has wrought, it has brought out the best in our fellow human beings. The news is filled with stories of doctors, nurses and first responders who sacrifice their time, effort and health to care for our sick, and sometimes their lives. Neighbors help each other with groceries and stay in touch online with the elderly. Entertainers offer up songs on the internet, or read stories online to children who are confined indoors.

I don't know how long this will last, but it's already lasted longer than I imagined. It is changing our world and we may not return to the "good old days," even when the virus has a vaccine and is no longer such a dangerous threat. I like to think by then the world will have changed for the better, with us realizing how little our world really is, and how closely related we are to each other. It's a small, small world!

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