The Midnight Zone

Available now: my speculative short fiction collection, THE MIDNIGHT ZONE. It’s published by Tirgearr Publishing.

When Cassie buys an antique compact, little does she know it can foretell the future--her future. Marjorie, a Florida girl unwillingly transplanted to Vermont, learns there's more to fear from the alien snowfall than just the cold. Neil Dallas's jagged descent from rock and roll singer to drug-addicted has-been is unstoppable . . . or is it?

Travel deep into unknown territory, where life and death are not as they seem; where you have to be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. These stories will take you beyond the realm of the solid and real, into the deepest, darkest corner of your imagination. Don't forget to bring your flashlight . . .
THE MIDNIGHT ZONE is available in multiple e-formats. Something for everyone! For more information and to purchase your copy, please visit Tirgearr Publishing .

New Cover Art

I have the cover art for my upcoming release, THE MIDNIGHT ZONE. It's a collection of speculative short stories that will give you a chill and make you think. Here it is:

What do you think?

It's due out on April 25. Check here to purchase: The Midnight Zone Hope you enjoy it!